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The type of paper you use affects what your brush creates. Similarly, different techniques are better suited for certain types of paper. Sigrid Blohm from the Japanese Paper Place explores the relationship between brush and paper. Come to this interesting look at types of paper and techniques for them!

When: Saturday, September 9th, 9:30 am to noon.
Where: Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
Cost: $20.00 for members. $25.00 for guests.
More information: A meeting of the executive follows.

Looking Back: Our Graduation Ceremony reminded us of the continuing development of Canadian oriental artists. We welcome these artists to our membership! Our past workshops, shows and graduations can be seen at Workshops and Shows.

Looking Forward to October 14th: Moira Mudie leads us in Acorns, Maples and Jays. If you like scenes with birds and trees, this workshop is for you!

We will also have a silent auction of art supplies at this October workshop. If you have extra supplies like brushes, paper, books, ink and so on, donate them. If you are looking for art supplies, here is a chance to get them at a very reasonable price. All proceeds go to the Sumi-e Artists of Canada.

All future workshops are listed on Workshops.


Interested in buying fine oriental art for your office or home? Sumi-e paintings are calming, thoughtful, and sometimes humorous. Each year the Sumi-e Artists of Canada has a weekend exhibition of 80 paintings for sale at Toronto's Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. This year's exhibition is November 11th and 12th, 2017. Invitation.

Remembering our last exhibition, Sumi-e Artists of Canada 2016 Show.