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Po Man Chan has a long history as an instructor and artist with the Sumi-e Artists of Canada, often showing how to paint classic subjects. Recently, Po Man Chan led us in her Teapot and Narcissus workshop. Do you want to improve your brush work skills? Come to this workshop and learn from a noted artist.
When: Saturday, March 14th, 9:30 am to noon.
Where: Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
More information: Pick up your 2020 sumi-e exhibition invitation
Bring a cup! We have styrofoam cups for tea but ecology-minded members suggest a cup is better.
Cost: $20 for members. $30 for guests. Cash, debit, credit or cheque.

Looking Back to February: We learned how to create art with both sides of the paper in the Using Both Sides of the Paper workshop with Loree Ovens.

Looking Forward to Saturday, April 11th: Hiroshi Yamamoto joins us for another thoughtful and engaging workshop.


Your invitation to the 2020 Sumi-e Exhibition of Oriental Brush Paintings.

Remembering our last exhibition: Sumi-e Artists of Canada 2019 Show.