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Creative workshops like Mimi Yeung's Wisteria workshop provide other ways of approaching art. Mimi Yeung is returning soon with another innovative workshop and you should attend! Develop yourself at this must see workshop!
When: A Saturday in the near future when the JCCC opens.
Where: Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC)
More information: Bring a cup! We have styrofoam cups for tea but ecology-minded members suggest a cup is better.
Cost: $20 for members. $30 for guests. Cash, debit, credit or cheque.

Looking Back to March: We learned how to paint memorable landscapes in a Landscapes workshop with Po Man Chan.

Did you know we have a new Sumi-e Artists of Canada Facebook site and a new Sumi-e Artists of Canada Instagram site? Take a look and add some likes! Thank you Jonathon Obara!

COVID-19: This virus is upsetting everyone's plans! We moved our workshops for April, May and October to future dates. Our graduation ceremony in June was cancelled and 2020 graduates will be attending the June 2021 ceremony. We also cancelled our November exhibition. Let's hope for a vaccine soon!


Remembering our last exhibition: Sumi-e Artists of Canada 2019 Show.