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Want to paint on just the right washi (rice) paper for your style? Then Sigrid Blohm's washi (rice) paper testing workshop is for you. Washi paper, commonly called Japanese rice paper, is the finest paper you can paint on but it is also expensive so it is a good idea to know what paper you want before buying. In this workshop you get to learn about and try out a variety of small Japanese papers (approximately 10 to 15 types of paper). Remember the Orizome workshop of Sigrid Blohm? You want to be at this workshop!

When: Saturday, October 15th. 9:30 am to noon.
Where: Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC)
More information: Think of small, postcard-size images like the butterflies or bugs from the Little Creatures workshop to test the paper.
Sigrid Blohm will also bring some full size Japanese Paper Place washi paper that you can buy.
A meeting of the executive follows.
Pick up your 2022 sumi-e exhibition invitations.
Bring a cup! We have styrofoam cups for tea but ecology-minded members suggest a cup is better.

Cost: $30 for members. $40 for guests. Note the cost is higher to cover the samples of washi paper.

Looking Back to September: We learned how to paint smaller creatures with Diana Bullock in a Little Creatures workshop.


Remembering our last exhibition: Sumi-e Artists of Canada 2019 Show.