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Bring your willingness to embrace the unexpected when you come to Diana Bullock's Batik Painting workshop. The batik style of painting removes a lot of control that we have when we paint, which creates surprising results. Using rice paper, paintings are created with a resist of wax or cream. You will work with several paintings simultaneously. Batik paintings make great cards! Everyone liked Diana Bullock's Resists workshop, and you will be working in a similar manner with batik. However, this workshop will explore more and different ways to use resists in our work.
When: Saturday, December 7th, 9:30 am to noon.
Where: Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
More information: Bring your colours. Diana Bullock will bring the wax and cream. Bring newspapers too. If you are thinking of cards, Currys and Michaels sell 5 x 7 blank cards.
Bring a cup! We have styrofoam cups for tea but ecology-minded members suggest a cup is better.
Cost: $20 for members. $30 for guests. Cash, debit, credit or cheque.

Looking Back to November: We had another unforgettable exhibition! Toronto cannot get enough of this important annual show!

Looking Forward to Saturday, January 11th: Start the Year of the Rat, 2020, with an instructor we all like, Tien Chang.


Remembering our last exhibition: Sumi-e Artists of Canada 2018 Show.

Want to be part of Artsu Matsuri, a Japanese-oriented arts festival?
When: January through March, 2020.
Where: Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
More Information: You can submit up to 3 paintings. Add your name to the Artsu Matsuri information list.
Send an email titled Artsu Matsuri 2020 Submission to
Submission Form: Artsu Matsuri Registration