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Ducks and Geese with Tien Chang - December 9th, 2023

Ducks and geese appear as the main or secondary subject in many paintings. But how to paint life-like ducks and geese is not so easy. Tien Chang showed his sketches of a duck to identify the key areas.

Artists have been painting ducks and geese for a long time as shown in these ancient paintings.

Tien Chang found that ducks and geese have a similar structure which artists can learn and apply to both birds.

In one brush stroke, Tien Chang painted the neck of the duck.

Painting the head involves a large cheek for the duck.

For the body, use black ink to outline the profile.

The webbed feet are far back in the duck's body.

Tien Chang showed how to create the feathers with layers of light grey to dark black ink.

Tien Chang's drawing gave artists the correct proportions and markings of the duck.

The goose is similar to the duck, however, the neck is thinner and longer.

Remember that the goose has a white triangle on its head which can be created by leaving white space.

Using a pulsing brush, Tien Chang created the feathers for the body.

The feathers for the wing are darker than the lower body.

A second goose was added. The female duck or goose is more muted and does not have the strong markings of the male.

The leg of the goose is longer than the duck though it is also well back in the goose's body.

A background stem was drawn in quick strokes to complete the painting. You should think of some kind of background for a painting when the main subject is finished.

Leaves were added in fast strokes.

Tien Chang's name and seal were put on the painting.

Then it was the artists turn to try and paint these birds with the help of handouts.

The handouts provided the details Tien Chang discussed during his demonstration.

Artists took the ducks and geese seriously perhaps because these birds are widely seen throughout the year.

Artists became absorbed in their work.

Tien Chang brought a book showing the sleeping duck.

Tien Chang and his wife Maggie provided some tips to artists.

There are always a few fine points to consider in sumi-e art.

Time to head to the pond and study these intriguing birds.