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Sumi-e Books

The following sumi-e artists have also written books:

Tien Chang

Tien Chang has published books about the horses he paints. His books on the horse are Ancient Path Western Trend and Horse in Ink and Wash. You can order these books from Tien Chang at his workshops. Cost: $45.00 per book.

Bernadette Duzyk

Bernadette Duzyk has written a book on Landscape Painting. The book shows examples of many of her coloured paintings. Cost: $46.00. To order, send an email to

Ann Goldring

only the wind is Ann's collection of haiku (in English), illustrated with her sumi-e painting. The book is small enough to include with a birthday card or to send to someone in lieu of a card. Cost: $5.00 plus postage. $1.00 is donated to the World Wildlife Fund. To order, send an email to

Roslyn Levin

Roslyn Leven has turned her years of learning, painting and instructing experience into a must have book called The Brush Dances. How do you create striking art that catches the viewer's eye with only a few simple brush strokes, which is the hallmark of Roslyn Levin's work? By reading this book! The book shows you the practical stroke by stroke techniques you need to create vivid, expressive work with sumi-e ink and rice paper. Available in paper or eBook format, it is available world wide at many book stores. For examples of her work, see Roslyn Levin's website. To order, send an email to Cost: $25.00

Joan Lok

Chinese Brush Painting: Flowers by Joan Lok demonstrates step-by-step how to paint 36 flowers in color. You are shown details like the types of brushes and paints to use, and the brush strokes to create life-like petals and stems. Also, Joan Lok teaches you effective composition; that is, how to develop a painting with several flowers, and make your painting stand out in a crowd. If you like flowers, this book is for you! For more information, see Joan Lok's website. The book is available at art and book stores or online retailers. Cost: $25.00.

Moira Mudie

Moira Mudie published The Chi of the Dragon, a book providing insight into Chinese art, in particular its philosophy and symbolism. This special book contains Moira's own biographical journey in painting, techniques learned along the way and quotations from masters.

Joanne Shaw

Financial Self Defence for Canadian Women helps you understand the often perceived complexity of finances. Although oriented to women, the book can be appreciated by anyone wanting to take charge of his or her finances. The book provides practical financial advice and includes scenarios from everyday life. You can purchase Financial Self Defence for Canadian Women over the web, or from Joanne Shaw, see Joanne Shaw's web site. Cost: $10.00.

Beth Southcott

Beth Southcott's book, Oriental Painting in the Golden Horseshoe, is available at the Mississauga Central Library for $45.00. This book, several years in the making by the late Beth Southcott and completed through the efforts of Bette Pauli, contains many references to well-known Toronto sumi-e artists. This book is printed in batches so you should call the Mississauga Central Library to check if copies are available.

Baoxing Zhang

Baoxing Zhang's book, Old Games, features children playing traditional games. 42 colour paintings in 6.5" circles show children in a variety of games, along with calligraphy. Do you like painting children? Do you want to learn how to paint children? Then this book is for you! Old Games cover and Old Games title page. Cost: $25.00.

Selected Artwork by Baoxing Zhang is a popular book in China. Featuring 145 paintings on glossy paper by this noted painter and instructor, the 120 page book includes family figures, children, fruit and animals. Landscapes are also included. Baoxing has a few copies for sale in Canada. Cost: $49.00.

Book of Dragons is Baoxing Zhang's study of dragons. It has 22 pages of dragons like this wild dragon or this fearsome dragon or this imaginative dragon. Also a page of calligraphy and a poem about dragons. Baoxing's books are printed on double Xuan rice paper and hand bound. Cost: $35.00.

Baoxing Zhang's book, Oxen and Kids, shows how to paint these subjects in the spontaneous style beginning with the calligraphy for the ox. Other paintings show oxen and children fighting and riding an ox. The book has 25 pages filled with 50 paintings of the ox and 28 with children. It has a transparent, durable cover, a wireless binding and contains A4 size coated paper. Cost: $38.00.

In his book showing how to paint clothes on figures, Baoxing starts with a simple diagram and then develops the painting, such as this young man. An older man shows the flowing lines of a robe. Traditional techniques are used. This Figures and Clothes book has 38 pages, uses heavy stock paper and has a plastic cover. Cost: $35.00.

Mouse ABC shows you many ways of painting mice including the alphabet! A detailed, step-by-step approach shows you how to easily create these fun-filled creatures. Several types of paintings create the many ways you can paint them. Like all Baoxing's books, they are created in the traditional way, hand bound on rice paper. Cost: $30.00.

Technique of Rock and Mountain demonstrates Baoxing's rock and mountain painting techniques. The details of the rocks are shown in addition to the complete mountain landscape painting. Providing the combination of the rock details with the completed mountain painting teaches you how to structure your paintings. Cost: $48.00.

Painting Figures in Boneless Style is a book on figure painting. Containing 38 figures including this old man, a musician and some children, the book is hand bound and the art printed on rice paper. The cost is $38.00 plus shipping. Tax is included.

Birds and Flowers is available in two volumes for $35.00 each. 12 pages of black-and-white basic poses of birds followed by 24 simple compositions of birds and flowers comprise volume 1. 36 color paintings comprise volume 2. They are excellent reference books and are printed on rice paper and hand bound.

Simple Stroke Animals for $33.00 shows Baoxing's technique for painting animals with a few basic strokes. Boneless Flowers for $27.00 shows his technique for painting flowers with his expressive style. They are printed on rice paper and hand bound.