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Classes are held at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC) in the spring and fall. They run for 8 weeks. Students are divided into beginners, intermediate and advanced, generally starting as beginners and working over several years to advanced. Each week they study and work on a painting under a qualified sumi-e teacher. Subjects include flowers, trees, birds, insects, people and landscapes, similar to the subjects shown in sumi-e art.

Photos from workshops and shows demonstrates what you do in a workshop, which is similar to participating in a class.

Students can also attend workshops taught by prominent sumi-e artists and become members of the Sumi-e Artists of Canada during the time that they are attending classes and afterwards.

Cost: $105.00 plus JCCC membership. Art supplies are extra. Supplies consist of a brush, sumi-e stick, suzuri (inkstone) and paper. Art supplies are available at the JCCC.

To enroll for classes, contact the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre.

Several of our members also teach classes. For example, Roslyn Levin and Baoxing Zhang are well-known teachers who have led many sumi-e workshops. If you want to take classes with these instructors or others, you can find their websites in the links section.


After completing all the classes, a student submits a final painting called a test piece to the instructor. This painting upon successful completion results in the award of a seal. The seal is given at a graduation ceremony in June. A seal is a unique saying in Japanese that identifies an artist. It is carved in stone and is imprinted on a completed work of art.

A student who receives a seal is given a free one year membership to the Sumi-e Artists of Canada.