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Landscapes with Po Man Chan - March 14, 2020

Landscape is comprised of many parts such as rocks, trees, bridges, villages, waterfalls, mountains and mist. Moreover, an artist must create these parts in proportion to the whole work. Po Man Chan began by creating large rocks in the forefront.

Use a dry brush to add crevices and roughness to rocks.

Trees add to any landscape. A cluster of trees should have some trunks and branches overlapping. Leave spaces for the leaves.

When adding leaves, Po Man Chan reminded artists, remember that different trees have different types of leaves.

Po Man Chan added more distant trees including pine trees that were proportionally smaller.

A bridge and flowing water over rocks was next. A shoreline was defined to separate water and land. Note that rocks in flowing water are rounded.

Po Man Chan turned to the middle of the painting to add a village.

Create distinct houses for a village and add small trees too. Since the village is in the distance, houses should be small.

Artists at this point were asked to start their own landscape.

A dramatic landscape that Po Man Chan brought to the workshop inspired the artists.

Another large landscape featured the mists found in mountainous regions.

Po Man Chan returned to create the distant mountains.

Another shoreline separated the village.

Leaves were added to more trees. Varying the leaf pattern on the trees made each cluster of trees unique.

Details such as a boat near the water made the landscape more lifelike and appealing.

Mist was created with a spray bottle.

Use a large brush with a grey tone to darken the mist where you want.

Trees were added to the forefront closest to the viewer. Since the trees are closest, the trees should be proportionally larger.

Similar to the previous vegetation, leaves filled this set of trees. Make your leaves more natural by arranging them in groups.

The complete work added some additional rocks in the water.

Po Man Chan added her seal to this painting.

The artists returned to their landscapes. Note the lighter grey tones in this painting to add depth to the work.

Rocks and trees are a staple of landscapes but they require practice to look realistic.

An interesting balance of landscape features.

Everyone joined Po Man Chan for a photo.

You can learn more about Po Man Chan in the links section.