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Graduation Ceremony - June 9th, 2012

What you do not see at a graduation ceremony is the years of hard work that students went through to receive a seal. From bugs to landscapes, it's a journey of discovery as Moira Mudie reminded all of us. Receiving a seal as an indication of proficiency is just the start. Many more years of development lie ahead.

The motivation for a painting can come from a surprising turn of events. Laura Beaton explained that the tragic tsunami in Japan inspired her to create a serene painting of what Japanese beauty means to her.

Beauty for Harue Clipsham was found in the lakes and mountains of Canada, resulting in her applying the Japanese landscape tradition to the Canadian west.

The influence of Africa was evident in Shirley Secor's paintings. Her careful studies of an elephant and rhinosaurus showed an introspective side to animals often portrayed for their savage power.

If you have been to Killarney in northern Ontario like a few Group of Seven painters, you would appreciate the artistry of a painting by Joanne Shaw. The bare rocks and still lake created an austere, gripping image.

Margery Wong's painting of two pine trees in an almost mystical, peaceful landscape left us wanting to enter that magical place.

Our graduates posed for this photo. From left-to-right, Shirley Secor, Laura Beaton, Harue Clipsham, Margery Wong and Joanne Shaw.

Imprinting the seals and adding their signatures followed. The scrolls containing these signatures date back 30 years.

Each seal contains a phrase about that particular artist.

Joanne Shaw, Margery Wong and Harue Clipsham had studied with Hiroshi Yamamoto and took a moment to share a photo.

A silent auction provided a wealth of art books and supplies for artists at the graduation ceremony.

The graduation is also a social occasion. Azra Rashid and Linda Nakatsu, two long serving volunteers, had some smiles for everyone.

As the graduation ceremony closed, we knew it was time for us all to get back to painting.