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Christmas Social - December 1st, 2007

Our year drew to a close with an entertaining Christmas social. Members were greeted by wonderful Christmas flower arrangements.

Table decorations

Our Christmas social is just that: a few hours of conversation, a Japanese-style Christmas lunch, some entertainment and some gift giving.

Members gather for Christmas social

Virginia Ise, the ukulele lady, entertained us with some classic ukulele songs and then helped us through some Christmas carols with some noted singers from amongst our members.

Singing Christmas carols

Christmas carols seemed to bring out the singers in all of us.

More Christmas carols

Virginia accommodated all who wanted to warble a few Christmas notes.

Even more Christmas carols

Kathy Matsushita explained our unusual gift giving ceremony, in which you could either select a gift from a table or steal one that had been opened!

Kathy Matsushita explains the gift giving experience

There were lots of wonderful gifts to surprise our members.

Opening that special gift

You had to show what you had opened, in case someone might want to steal it from you.

Showing our gifts

With our Christmas nonsense ended, we left to pick up our brushes and begin 2008.