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Sumi-e Artists of Canada 2005 Show - November 12th and 13th

Thanks to the work of our volunteers and 81 paintings contributed from members, our 2005 show, our tea room and our demonstrators attracted hundreds of sumi-e enthusiasts and neophytes.

The show, Insights in Ink, was opened by James Heron, Executive Director of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, and Gary Bist, President of the Sumi-e Artists of Canada. Together they presented the Ruth Yamada Award for Excellence in Sumi-e to Roslyn Levin, for her wonderful, restrained painting, Snowy Heron. This painting was selected by Ivy Leung, our judge for the 2005 show.

Then the serious contemplation began, such as this admirer.

Serious contemplation

And these studious art aficionados.

Studious art aficionados

This patron wondered where this path might lead.

Where does the path lead to?

This group was captivated by all the paintings laid out before them in a vibrant array.

An array of vibrant paintings to admire

A sumi-e painting exhibit would not be complete without some bamboo paintings.

Bamboo is a must at a sumi-e painting exhibit

Everyone had an opinion to share.

Everyone has an opinion

A wall of paintings greeted visitors at every turn.

Paintings, paintings and more paintings

Demonstrations by our members attracted as much interest as the paintings.

Demonstration by a member

Which led to more demonstrations.

More demonstrations by members

Time to get started on next year's paintings.