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Year of the Rooster with Baoxing Zhang - February 12th, 2005

2005 is the year of the rooster. In this workshop, Baoxing Zhang explained the structure, components and proportions of the rooster, tips and techniques on colouring and painting feathers, and the use of different brushes to create a life-like bird. Baoxing created a detailed, finely-crafted rooster and also a more expressive rooster drawn with fewer but bolder strokes. He added calligraphy to the paintings created. 

Baoxing began by explaining the concepts behind the rooster. Its structure, components and proportions.

Baoxing explains structure, components, and proportions

Baoxing then painted parts of the body, the feathers, and showed how to get the right colour and use the right brush for effects.

Working on details that comprise the rooster

The tail feathers need to be displayed naturally, including some that criss-cross over others.

Tail feathers should not be too ordered

Using the techniques on the parts shown earlier, Baoxing developed the rooster.

Finished rooster

Baoxing added the name for the rooster to his work.

Chinese name for rooster added to painting

At this point, members began working on their own roosters with Baoxing offering suggestions to each participant. Afterwards, Baoxing returned to the demonstration table and created another rooster using a more expressive style in which the rooster is created with fewer but bolder strokes.

Rooster created with expressive style

A collection of rooster paintings were left on display by Baoxing to demonstrate the many ways to paint this bird.

A variety of other roosters to study