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Irises with Roslyn Levin - April 13th, 2024

Artists are attracted to flowers especially the popular iris. Roslyn Levin began her iris workshop by showing a white ink stick that artists should keep handy for white highlights on the iris or any painting.

Begin with the petals. Roslyn Levin painted each petal in a single stroke.

Start with the top petals of the iris and then work down to the side petals.

The large lower petals follow.

A stem is painted in one quick stroke.

Roslyn Levin pressed the brush to get the thickness of a leaf. The leaf was started from the bottom of the iris.

Starting another flower, Roslyn Levin emphasized that understanding the structure of the iris petals was the key to developing the flower.

This flower had more varied petals.

The leaves too were more varied.

The petals led into the flower though did not touch any central point. Roslyn Levin added some yellow paint which you find on the inner part of the iris petal.

Next Roslyn Levin worked in colour.

By carefully loading your brush, you can paint the delicate texture of the leaf.

A yellow stem brought this coloured iris to life.

The artists headed to their tables to paint their own irises. Roslyn Levin's sketches and handouts would help.

Roslyn Levin's workshops are a joyful affair.

Another demonstration by Roslyn Levin focused on the tulip.

Using a dryer brush, details were added to the edge of the petals.

These small details lead to more expressive art.

A gnarly branch began a painting on blossoms. The branch was created in a single stroke with the side of the brush; then Roslyn Levin used a pointed brush to create the rougher edges of an old branch.

Tiny blossoms were added in light gray.

Pink petals on the blossoms or blowing away in the wind were created by brushing the hairs of a paint brush with her finger.

Continuing with another blossom, Roslyn Levin used brush strokes similar to those that created the petals on the iris.

By using variation on loading the brush, pressure on the paper, and varying the speed of the stroke, you finish with a variety of petals for your blossom.

A second blossom began with some pink paint.

Two vivid blossoms were created to further inspire artists at the workshop.

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